Want to feel more confident using your air fryer?

Is your air fryer sat collecting dust on the kitchen side? Debate using it, then choose your oven instead, because it’s easier?

Then Get Air Fryer Confident FAST is for you!

The Get Air Fryer Confident FAST ebook is designed to do exactly what it says... give you the confidence you need, to get the most out of your air fryer. FAST!

Don’t let fear of the unknown, or a lack of spare time get in the way!

Instead of trawling the internet for hours on end to find useful information, that is actually relevant to you and your air fryer model - read this ebook!

It will take a fraction of the time, and you'll get the information you really need MUCH faster. And all in ONE place!

Giving you the knowledge and confidence to air fry anything you want, whenever you want it!

An iPad and iPhone with the cover of Get Air Fryer Confident FAST! ebook.
Emma Wallace of Kitchen Mason

Hi, I'm Emma!

When I started air frying, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing.

I couldn't get timings or temperatures right. I under or over cooked almost everything! So much food ended up wasted, and in the bin!

It was expensive, time consuming, disheartening, and made me question my capabilities as a cook.

But now I have lots of really popular air fryer recipes on my site! I regularly send helpful air fryer tips, tricks, and articles to my subscribers. And I cannot WAIT to share everything I now know, to help YOU become a confident air fryer user too!

"I have found all your air fryer articles, comments and recipes extremely helpful and reassuring to the novice user. It can be daunting to be confronted with a new piece of equipment, however well it has been reviewed, and your step by step and very clear instructions have made the process of getting hands on so much easier!"

-Annie Robson

"I’m so pleased I signed up to your email list. You send so many useful tips, that give me confidence using my air fryer. And thank you for the free air fryer conversion chart. I find it very useful!"

-Mike Kokins

Do any of these sound like you?

  • I’m fed up with my air fryer, nothing ever turns out good!!
  • I’m tired of wasting money on making mistakes in my air fryer
  • Everything I air fry turns out dry and overcooked
  • I’ve tried to get to grips with timings and temperatures, but I never get it right!
  • I always seem to burn everything!
  • I’ve given up. My air fryer is just collecting dust on the kitchen side

The aim of this ebook is to help you turn that around!

Don't delay! Get air fryer confident TODAY!

Gain the knowledge you need to air fry like a PRO... and be PROUD of the results!

What you get...

Get Air Fryer Confident FAST! is a 31 page digital PDF booklet packed with everything you need to know to quickly gain confidence using your air fryer.

A sneak peek at what's inside...

  • A detailed view at the different types of air fryers available.
  • Which accessories are worth it, and which ones definitely aren't!
  • What the different settings do, and when to use them.
  • Bust all those air fryer myths, and learn what's actually TRUE!
  • The worst air frying mistakes to make, and how you can avoid them.
  • The BEST helpful air frying hacks!

"I just wanted to say thank you, at last I have had success with my air fryer by following your recipes! The family have loved the easy cake recipe, and the lovely cookies, which were so tasty. And the recipes are so easy to follow. My air fryer is my favourite way of cooking now, so easy to use! Thank you Kitchen Mason!"

-Kristen Plant

"I have found Kitchen Mason a great go to site for sweet and savoury. I started with some of the many sweet recipes, and have never been disappointed. However, the Air Fryer information and recipes are my go to! I love how informative Emma's posts are. They have really helped me master cooking and baking in my air fryer. The recipes are clear, informative full of hints and tips for successful cooking and baking in any Air fryer. I really love that all the guidance allows for using different brands of Air Fryer. Meaning anyone can be successful! The fact that the information and recipes are all UK based is the icing on the cake. No conversions needed, or finding substitutes for ingredients you can't get in the UK. Kitchen Mason is my first stop when going to try something new in my Air Fryer. It has given me lots of confidence to try new things. Most importantly everything I have tried tastes great!"

-Jayne Atkinson

But that's not all!

Worried you'll still feel apprehensive about putting your new knowledge into practice? Not ready to begin air frying all on your own yet?

DON'T WORRY! Buy today, and you'll also get...

The Confidence Booster Workbook!

This 20 page digital PDF booklet includes a series of carefully thought out, easy to follow challenges. Aimed at putting all your new air frying knowledge into practice... in a gradual and achievable way.

So you won't feel like you're on your own, and will continue to build the confidence you need to air fry like a PRO!

This workbook also includes My Secret Weapon

Drum roll please...

The Ultimate Air Frying Flowchart!

This beauty is a step by step guide on how to experiment, and get it right. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Without making costly mistakes.

Without damaging your machine.

Without wasting lots of food.

Ready to get Air Fryer Confident? Let's GO!

"Emma, you have been an inspiration. Since finding your site I have found recipes that have given me the insensitive to try. They are clearly set out, with hints and tips. Even other ingredients that can be used, if you don't have the right stuff. Since getting an Air Fryer, your advice, help and personal responses to my direct enquiries and dilemmas have been excellent. Even supplying a helpful conversion chart, because of timings and temperatures being vastly less than an oven. Thereby preventing burnt food and saving energy. Keep up the good work!"

-John Styth

"I have truly enjoyed everything that Emma posts. Her recipes are fail-proof, simple to follow and very tasty. She is an absolute joy, and her kindness in answering questions is exceptional."

-Denise Fotiadis

Why Start TODAY?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could cook absolutely anything in your air fryer and actually be proud of the results? To be genuinely excited to share your creations with friends and family?

The sooner you read Get Air Fryer Confident Fast! and work through The Confidence Booster Workbook... the sooner you'll have the confidence to do JUST THAT!

I've poured my heart into these ebooks, and used my years of air frying experience to make them as helpful as possible.

I'm confident they will not only boost your knowledge, but save you precious time AND prevent future costly mistakes too!

Get Air Fryer Confident TODAY!


What if I don't have the time to read it?

Which will take longer? Reading a short ebook that has absolutely everything you could possibly need to know to boost your air fryer knowledge and confidence. Regardless of your air fryer model?

Or trawling the internet for hours on end, dredging through misinformation and tips, that are potentially irrelevant to your air fryer?

The Get Air Fryer Confident FAST! ebook will actually save you LOTS of time and stress in comparison to DIYing it. And you'll become air fryer confident, much faster!


I already have lots of air fryer books to read. Why do I need this one?

Most air fryer books tend to be purely about recipes. Not helping you get to grips with your machine, whatever model that may be.

Get Air Fryer Confident FAST! isn't loaded with recipes that presume you're a proficient air fryer user already. Instead, it's packed with TONS of helpful information, that will boost your air frying knowledge. So you can then go through all those air fryer recipe books, and have the confidence to make whatever recipes take your fancy!


I don't have a Ninja Foodi dual drawer air fryer like you. Will this still be relevant?

I have written this ebook and The Confidence Booster Workbook, knowing that not everyone will have the same air fryer as me. I've taken the time and care to ensure everything that's included can be applied to ANY air fryer model.


I'm not sure if this ebook is really worth the cost?

In the battle of time vs money, time always wins for me. Life is BUSY. And spare time is rare and valuable. So why spend what little, precious spare time you have doing lots of unnecessary research, and making unnecessary mistakes? I've done all the really hard work for you! So you can sit back and know that you'll get air fryer confident in the fastest way possible, if you get this ebook.

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